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Maestro Pedestals mission is to create a better world for humans and all beings. Our path to this end is to envision, design, and build pedestals uniquely fitted to a given venue, art, and body of viewers. We enhance the ability of the art to carry its divine message to the participants…the lovers of the artwork. Art is a whispering from the Divine, a material manifestation of love, truth, beauty and sometimes pain, isolation, hurt. Whatever the message, it is in service to our becoming more human, more real, more responsive to ourselves, each other and the world we live in. It is a sacred and a holy path, just as life is sacred. Maestro Pedestals acts as the midwife aiding the transition of art from studio, foundry, or gallery, to its specific new home, to be cherished.

We respect our customers and serve them with kindness and honesty.
We recognize the ask we make of Mother Earth to provide the materials, fuels for their extraction, energy for their shaping, packaging and shipping. We understand that it is a huge ask, particularly at a time of mass extinction directly linked to the extraction and commodifying the Earth-from which we came and to which we return. We hold the planet, each other, and all beings, including mineral, stone, water, air, with deep respect and honor. We are evolving and utilizing practices to minimize the size of our ask and to maximize the size of our offer.

We as a company are committed to the wellbeing of our staff, our customers, and our suppliers. We practice transparency and collaboration, co-creating a world in which all may give their gifts

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collectors are looking for a quality of pedestal that complements the quality of the art

The pedestal should neither outshine the art, nor detract from it. The pedestal is the supporting actor, not the lead. It is responsive, not just to the art, but to the walls, the floor, the views from the windows, the ceiling, the furniture — which all speak to the tastes and values of the collector. 

The pedestal weds the sculpture to its surroundings — harmonizing, while accentuating.  That is the art of the pedestal, and that is what satisfies the eye.

"Art is an ever evolving creation and pedestals are continuing to evolve to keep pace with the creativity of the artists and collectors."

Innovators in the Art of Sculpture Presentation
Since 1986

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