Our Pedestals

The traditional MAESTRO sculpture pedestals are both simple and elegant to perfectly complement any fine art sculpture you wish to display. Most models can be built with a hand-rotatable or motorized top and are available with dimmable lights: from underneath, from the corners, and/or from above.


Square and non-square, rectangular pedestals with painted finishes: black satin, or virtually any custom color or faux finish.

Painted or veneer rounds in a variety of diameters and finishes.


Square and non-square, rectangular, veneer pedestals finished to complement your art and display location.

Cellini round tabletop pedestals are perfect to display your art on an existing table or surface.

Stainless steel, rusted, and powder coated pedestals.  Multiple color and finish choices suitable for interior or exterior display.

Molding on square or non-square rectangular pedestals provides a classic look. Paint and wood finishes are available.

Solid wood Ghilberti pedestals are available square or non-square rectangular and in a variety of sizes and finishes.


Tapered, polygonal, etc….  Please contact us for your custom needs.

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