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Welcome to our Pricing information!

If you're a fan of Excel spreadsheets, you're in for a treat.  If rows and columns give you a headache, please give us a call on our toll-free number (800) 765-5116 or send us an email and we'll be happy to quote you the price of any pedestal that intrigues you.
If you're not sure where you fall on the love 'em/hate 'em spreadsheet continuum, or it's 3 am in California and you just can't wait to find out the price of your dream pedestal, here are some helpful guidelines to get you started:
1) In the first column (far left), find the name of the pedestal design in which you are interested.
MICHELANGELO - Painted, Rectangular
ALGARDI - Wood Veneer, Rectangular
GHIBERTI - Solid Wood, Rectangular
BERNINI - Painted, Round
LOMBARDI - Wood Veneer, Round
CAMPANILE - decorative molding (bottom only or top & bottom)
ROSSELLINO - with round legs
CELLINI - Painted Tabletop Pedestals
In order to avoid any confusion, here's a geometry reminder:  all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.  In other words, when we use the word "rectangular" we're including pedestals with square surfaces.
Please note that other pedestal designs are also available, they just don't fit nicely onto an
8-1/2" x 11" spreadsheet.  Please contact us for the prices of the following pedestal designs:
BANDINELLI (Painted) - with square legs
BANDINELLI (Wood Veneer) - with square legs
CAMPANILE (Wood Veneer) - decorative molding (bottom only or top & bottom)
CELLINI (Solid Wood) - Tabletop Pedestals
CUSTOM - unique pedestal designs
DANTI (Painted) - with rotatable box tops
DONATELLO - metal pedestals
ROSSELLINO (Wood Veneer) - with round legs
VERROCCHIO (Painted) - tapered pedestals
VERROCCHIO (Wood Veneer) - tapered pedestals
VITTORIA - acrylic pedestals
2) The next major column heading to the right is "Dimension in Inches."  The first two sub-headings ("Width" and "Length") make up the surface size of the pedestal.  Rectangular pedestals (that includes Squares) will have two separate numbers; Round pedestals will indicate the diameter.  The third sub-heading ("Height") gives the height range.  So, if you want a black satin pedestal which is 14" x 14" x 42" tall, you'd first find MICHELANGELO and then 14, 14, 31 - 44.  You've now determined "the row" which is half the battle in the world of spreadsheets.
Don't be discouraged if you can't find the exact dimensions for which you're looking; it only means our sheet doesn't have enough rows to show every surface/height combination for every pedestal design.  Contact us for an exact quote.  In the mean time, pick a similar size for an approximate price. 
We can build ANY size.  Our only constraints are certain minimum/maximum size requirements for various features (e.g., lights and motors).  If you'd like an oversized (monumental) pedestal, don't forget to measure your access doors.  Don't laugh, it has happened; we once built and shipped a pedestal to our clients' specifications but then that pedestal was too big to fit through their door.
Oh, and here's a trick for figuring out the price of a rectangular pedestal (and here I do mean a surface with non-equilateral sides):  take the average of the two dimensions (length and width) and refer to the price of the corresponding square pedestal.  For example, if you want a 12" x 16" surface, add the two dimensions and divide by 2.  (12 + 16)/2 = 14.  Check out the prices for the 14" x 14" pedestals.  If your average is 15, go to the next size up (16" x 16").
3) Now that you've found your row, all you have to do is figure out the column.  Design and Size determine your row, Features determine your column
The remaining column headers begin with "Base Only," "Rotatable" or "Motorized."  In our jargon, "Rotatable" means the pedestal has a hand-rotatable top.  "Motorized" means the pedestal has a motorized revolving top (which, incidentally, can also be rotated by hand whether the motor is on or off).  "Base Only" simply means there is no rotation what-so-ever. 
The first of the Features columns is "Base Only," the next five columns are "Rotatable" and the last four columns are "Motorized."  If you do not need lighting for your pedestal, you're almost done. 
Find the appropriate rotation option WITHOUT any additional sub-headings (i.e., shading only) and follow that column down to where it intersects with your Design/Size row; that's your pedestal price!  So, if you want your 14" x 14" x 42" tall, black satin pedestal to have a hand-rotatable top, you'd follow the MICHELANGELO 14, 14, 31 - 44 row two columns to the right under "Rotatable."
If you would like to add the benefits of lighting to your pedestal (or if you've simply become enamored with the beauty of the spreadsheet process), review the sub-headings directly below the Rotatable and Motorized column headings.  Your first consideration will be Underneath Halogen lighting:  Single Halogen (4" Spot) or Double Halogen (6" Spot).  Your next consideration will be whether or not to add the Overhead Halogen light (either alone or with Underneath Halogen lighting). 
So, if you now want to add an Underneath Single Halogen (4" Spot) and an Overhead Halogen light to your hand-rotatable, 14" x 14" x 42" tall, black satin pedestal, you'll follow that MICHELANGELO, 14, 14, 31 - 44 row all the way to the last Rotatable column (just before the Motorized section) which says "Rotatable" and "Underneath Single Halogen (4" Spot)" and "Overhead Halogen." 
For additional lighting features (such as Footlight Halogen lights or a Fluorescent Lit Surface) or for other lighting combinations not shown on our price sheet, please contact us for a quote.  These same lighting options are also available on Base Only pedestals (without a rotatable or motorized top) for the same price as the Rotatable pedestal equivalent.
Be sure to read the footnotes at the bottom of the page for other useful information. 
Congratulations!  You now know how to use the Maestro Pedestals "Popular Pedestals" price sheet.  We'd like to thank you for your patience and determination in getting this far.  You not only know how to find your own pedestal price but you may also have acquired a new appreciation for the magic of spreadsheets.
Just remember, this one page only represents a small fraction of pedestal possibilities.  The permutations of pedestal designs, sizes, finishes and features is limitless.  Let us help you create your perfect pedestal.