Pedestals That Elevate, Illuminate and Awaken the Soul of Sculpture, Glass and Fine Art

At MAESTRO PEDESTALS, each sculpture display pedestal is hand-crafted with the greatest attention to detail, producing a pedestal of unparalleled quality.

If you need pedestals with lighting to showcase your art, a rotating base that displays every angle, or a simple yet elegant pedestal to place your sculpture, glass, or other fine art in a position of prominence in your home or gallery, we have what you're looking for.

Whether you are presenting art created by a master sculptor or that of an up-and-coming artist, a MAESTRO PEDESTAL will enhance the artistic display of your sculpture. The traditional MAESTRO sculpture pedestals are both simple and elegant to perfectly complement any fine art sculpture you wish to display.

As we have worked with many clients over the past 20 years presenting their sculpture, we have become experts in helping you select the most appropriate pedestal for your art. Our experienced pedestal consultants will ask you a few simple questions which will ensure your satisfaction with the presentation of your art.

Please phone us at 800-765-5116, we promise to share our expertise in the art of presenting sculpture and have your sculpture be displayed as you envision it. We look forward to talking with you and showing your art in its best light.