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The VERROCCHIO line of pedestals features a striking square or rectangular pyramidal column witha  3 1/2 degree angle from the vertical line.

This unique truncated pyramid design can be incorporated into many different and exciting pedestal concepts using a variety of hardwoods, wood veneers and painted surfaces, along or in combinations.

The top can be:

  • Fixed, hand-rotatable or motrized
  • Box top or solid
  • The same material or contrasting material.

The 3 1/2 degree pyramid can be upright or inverted with steps. The bottom steps can be box steps or solid steps.

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PICTURED: 15" x 15" x 40" tall mahogany veneer with brown stain. Hand-rotatable box top (15" x 15" x 2" tall). Box steps and 1/8" roundover edges.