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Bernini pedestals are painted, round pedestals available in diameters from 12" to 20" and in a wide variety of heights. These traditional Maestro Pedestals are both simple and elegant to perfectly complement any piece you wish to honor.


Our precision construction includes recessed bearings on rotatable tops to hide the "lazy-Susan" from view.


Painted finishes available on the Bernini line include single colors (standard black satin or color to match), faux finishes (two-tone rag faux or faux marble) and gloss (low, medium or high). We can also ship pedestals which are primed, puttied and sanded, but not painted, to be the "blank canvas" for your personal faux artist to create a unique finish. Features available on the Bernini line include lighting (overhead halogen, underneath halogen or fluorescent surface), motion (rotatable top or motor) and reinforcing to hold especially heavy art pieces

  • Round pedestals
  • Custom options available
RB2H 15d 42 with Mirror - Black Satin-.png