There are two different kinds of Underneath Lighting options:           1) Halogen and 2) Fluorescent.

1) Underneath Halogen

Underneath Halogen lighting comes in a wide variety of "spot" sizes from 4" diameter and 6" diameter all the way up to 11" diameter.  In addition, we can make custom apertures from a simple "racetrack" shape to a tracing of your specific piece.  One of the benefits of using our Underneath Halogen spots is that you can select just the right size for your piece providing maximum light while keeping the light source (the halogen spot) fully covered by the artwork.  As a result, your translucent piece will look lit from within.  Because the light source is hidden from view, you see only the illuminated piece without the distraction of a lit surface.  In addition, many people prefer the "warm/yellow" glow of halogen lighting.  The minimum pedestal height for any Underneath Halogen lighting option is 10 inches.

We at Maestro Pedestals are very proud of the fact that we were the first to develop safe Underneath Halogen lighting for even the most heat sensitive medium:  acrylic (a.k.a. "Lucite").  Maestro Pedestals owner and technical genius, Russ Kerby, has spent years researching, developing and testing various halogen lighting solutions.  His dedication to creating a safe and quiet (no noisy cooling fans) yet effective halogen light source has produced the wide array of Underneath Halogen options available to our discerning clients. 

2) Fluorescent Surface

Still popular with many collectors is the traditional Fluorescent Surface.  This lighting option is great for irregularly shaped pieces (especially glass) which don't easily conform to the configurations of the halogen spots.  Unlike acrylic which has the capacity for taking light from a discrete source and spreading it throughout its mass, only that portion of translucent colored glass which is directly over the light source will be illuminated.  So if you have a beautiful glass vase which flares out towards the top, only the narrower base covering the halogen spot will be lit.  Many collectors choose to address this situation by lighting from both below and above (see Overhead Halogen).  Others prefer to illuminate the entire pedestal surface either with an oversized halogen spot or with a fluorescent surface.  Fluorescent light is "cool/blue" as compared to the "warm/yellow" of halogen.  You may wish to take into consideration the color of pre-existing light sources in your display area (room lighting, art lighting, other lit pedestals) when making your Underneath Lighting choice.  Because Fluorescent is cooler (both in color and temperature) we can make pedestals with Fluorescent lit surfaces as short as 7 inches.  If you would like to incorporate a hand-rotatable top or motorized top with your Fluorescent Surface, the top 7 inches of the pedestal will rotate (a rotatable box top).


Underneath Single Halogen (4" Spot)

Perfect for your glass or acrylic pieces needing internal lighting to display their full beauty, the 4" Underneath Halogen Spot is available on pedestals at least 10" high and 10" x 10" surface area.

Underneath Double Halogen (6" Spot)

Two 20 watt bulbs shine up through a single 6" diameter spot to provide 40 watts of light without increasing the heat.  The 6" diameter spot is available on rotatable-top pedestals of at least 10" in height and 14" x 14" surface area.