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We are very proud to introduce our own Maestro Pedestals Overhead Halogen Light.

Now, any piece can be beautifully lit from above even when traditional lighting options are not practical (e.g., track lighting).

This low-voltage halogen light can be used anywhere an electrical outlet is available. 


Once you have decided that our Overhead Halogen feature is right for lighting your artwork, you have two choices to make:  mounting style and lighting angle. 

Mounting Style 

The pair of overhead wires can be attached to your selected pedestal in one of two ways:   

Easy Snap-in Surface Mount

This easy-installation option allows you to simply snap the wires into their respective sockets mounted on the surface towards the back of the pedestal.  Both wires will automatically be perfectly aligned for attaching the light fixture. 

Adjustable Back Mount

This option gives you greater flexibility for choosing the perfect height for your art and your personal viewing comfort.  The wires slip into spring loaded knobs in the back of the pedestal.  In addition to allowing you to find just the right bulb height for any piece in your collection, mounting the wires in the back of the pedestal provides more surface area should your piece require some additional space.

Lighting Angle

The lighting source (light fixture) for your Overhead Halogen can be positioned from one of two directions: 

From Front

This is our more popular lighting angle as it replicates the direction of the sun's light at about eleven in the morning.  It does a beautiful job lighting both solid pieces (e.g., bronze, stone, marble, wood) and translucent pieces (e.g., glass, acrylic).  It is the ideal choice for lighting figures and faces as the shadows cast from this direction are very natural to the eye.

Direct Down

This lighting angle replicates the direction of the sun's light when directly overhead (i.e., "high-noon").  This is very effective for glass vases which can be lit from within or which have "showy" interiors.  Other speciality pieces such as certain acrylic wave pieces by the artist, Wyland, take on a magical effect.  (When lit directly from above, the shadows from the surface of Wyland's textured waves look like water rippling over the backs of dolphins, whales, manatees, etc.  This effect is heightened with a hand-rotatable or motorized top as one has the impression of watching these stunning creatures move through the water.)
Don't forget that you may choose to use the Overhead Halogen light in conjunction with our Underneath Lighting and/or Footlight Halogens.  Here's a trick we often recommend to our clients for helping them determine their favorite lighting source.  Ask a willing friend to help you with your "halogen desk lamp" experiment.  Try lighting your artwork from the various angles.  If your piece is translucent, be sure to try lighting the piece from below (directly underneath) -- one of you will have to hold the art above the light source.  A word of caution, if your artwork is acrylic (a.k.a. "Lucite"), do not hold the halogen too close or for too long as this medium is very heat sensitive.  But don't worry, we've figured out all the requirements for safely lighting acrylic artwork and in all our 20+ years have never had one report of a Maestro Pedestal damaging an acrylic piece (or any other artwork for that matter!).  This experiment works even better if you have two halogen desk lamps and can try out more than one direction at a time. 
We will help you make the choices that are right for you and answer any questions you may have when you place your order or contact us for further information. 


Sculpture shown:

"Spring" (Bronze, 24" high) by Victor Issa of Loveland, Colorado. Shown here lit solely by our Overhead Halogen Light.