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Painted finishes are available in Solid Colors, Faux Finishes and Custom Painted Finishes.

Solid Color options:

Black Satin is by far our most popular painted finish.  Not only does it beautifully complement most any piece of art, but it easily fits into most décors.  We describe the sheen of our Satin finishes as being neither too flat (like a wall paint) nor too shiny (like a gloss finish).  The subtle reflective quality of this finish adds warmth and elegance without detracting from the artwork.  Black Satin as a finish option is included in the price of any painted pedestal.

Our second most popular solid color finish is Bone Satin.  This neutral "off-white" color is very attractive in lighter-colored décors.  Bone Satin as a finish option is also included in the price of any painted pedestal.

Color-to-Match Satin.  For those art collectors interested in expressing your personal flair for color, we are happy to match any single-tone color sample you provide.  We recommend making a visit to your local paint store and picking up some sample paint chips.  After you've confirmed that your selected color matches and/or complements your art and its surroundings, send us the paint chip and we'll make your painted pedestal match that color.  Please call or check Pricing for Color-to-Match fees (additional to the price of the painted pedestal selected).