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Painted finishes are available in Single-Tone Colors, Faux Finishes and Custom Painted Finishes.

Faux Finish options:

Our Two-Tone Rag Faux finishes offer the beauty of faux artistry at affordable prices.  The process of working one color into another with a rag produces an effect of subtle mottling.  Both our white-on-bone and our taupe-on-bone Two-Tone Rag Faux finishes are very popular with those collectors who'd like to have a "white" pedestal that's not "just white."  In other words, this camouflage-like pattern fits beautifully into "white-on-white" décors (giving our Bone Satin finish a run for its money).  Please call or check Pricing for Two-Tone Rag Faux finish fees (additional to the price of the painted pedestal selected).  

For you more creative types, we can also offer you a Two-Tone Rag Faux finish using your custom colors.  We recommend going to the paint store and selecting a light and a dark tone of the SAME color.  If you choose a medium light tone and a medium dark tone of one color, you will have a low-contrast Two-Tone Rag Faux finish.  If you choose a very light tone and a very dark tone of the same color, you will have a high-contrast Two-Tone Rag Faux finish.  If you are daring and select two different colors, just remember their blended color may not be to your liking (e.g., yellow and blue make green and it might not be the green of your dreams).  Please call or check Pricing for Two-Tone Rag Faux finish fees as well as applicable Color-to-Match fees (additional to the price of the painted pedestal selected).  

We're very proud of our Faux Marble finishes as we have the good fortune of working with an incredibly talented faux artist who paints each pedestal individually.  Because we are located in the Sonoma Wine Country, our artist has had many years of experience creating stunning murals, trompe l'oeil pieces and faux marble columns for the high-end wineries and homes of the Sonoma and Napa Valleys.  She brings this experience and expertise to her pedestal creations as she painstakingly reproduces the subtle color variation and lifelike veining of true marble.  Our Standard Faux Marble options include: Oro, Grigio, Verde, Bianco, Nero, Caffè Macchiato and Rosa.  Please call or check Pricing for Standard Faux Marble finish fees (additional to the price of the painted pedestal selected).

Custom Faux Marble.  In addition, our artist can replicate most any marble or granite sample you provide.  Please call for Custom Faux Marble fees (additional to the price of the painted pedestal selected). 

Prepped for Faux.  We can also ship pedestals which are primed, puttied and sanded (but not painted) to be the "blank canvas" for your personal faux artist to create a unique finish.  This option is particularly popular with those collectors who would like to match their pedestals to pre-existing faux work in their homes.  Prepped for Faux as a finish option is included in the price of any painted pedestal.